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The products and services of R2.CO.NZ


To show you what we do, check out some of our video products. Yes this is a big server and we're pleased to offer you access to a large collection of some of the things we do. Enjoy it.

Encoding Services

Here at R2 we have experience with video encoding and video streaming. We have been encoding for many years starting with old tools like CU-SeeMe, Real Media, etc. We currently encode into modern formats, typically for Internet viewing or PC distribution. We will encode your video content for you from a variety of sources. We have quite reasonable rates too ! Contact info@R2.CO.NZ for details or for a quote.

We will also encode audio into a variety of formats such as MP3 and CD Audio.

We specialise in LIVE encoding. If you have an event and want it encoded on the fly, CALL US. We currently encode several hours a week, most of which appears on this site. A lot i sprivate and doesn't appear here. We can and do encode LIVE Television. Tell us what you want and it gets encoded. Of course you have to tell us before it goes to air !

Product is typically delivered as MPEG-1 on CD-ROM, but Video-CD format is also available. We can also encode into the following formats,

Transcoding Services

Sometimes you want your content in other formats. R2.CO.NZ regularly transcodes its own products into other formats. We can currently transcode into the following formats.

Our transcoding also includes changing resolution of stream speed, such as from 1.4mbps to 128kbps.

Contact us for a quote

Audio/Video Production

Well we do a lot of taping, filming, recording. We work on our own or with others and can work with you on your next production.


R2.CO.NZ has done these for several years now. Our first was the original VolcanoCAM on Mt Ruapehu and received 2 million hits in 3 months. It was linked by cell phone and developed one friday night over a glass of scotch. Of course we don't always need scotch to make you a webcam, it just helps.

Check out our webcam page for an example of a webcam in use.

High Speed Networks and Devices

We build networks. Simple and fast. We have been building internetworks for years. Remember CityNet ? We built it. We were also involved in the design and construction of CityLink. We have built a number of very low cost network boxes for high speed distribution networks. We call these NIDs (Network Interface Device). The lastest one does Gigabit ethernet distributor with 100mbps feeds to the home. Ask us about them.

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